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Who is Murray J. Anderson?

I’d like to answer “Renaissance Man” as that hopefully conjures the image of an artistically inclined polymath that’s capable of drawing on their wealth of knowledge and experience to triumph over any challenge that comes their way.

A little more realistically?

I'm a voracious learner that has continually reinforced and expanded upon my practical skills through thousands of hours of specialized online and credentialed classroom education.

My experience in three varied yet intertwined career fields has enabled me to cultivate a diverse scope of highly useful hard and soft skills that I can bring to bear upon any task that is assigned to me.

Not actually me! Historians believe this to be a self-portrait of the classic Renaissance Man himself, Leonardo da Vinci (Circa 1505).

Hospitality / Food & Beverage

As a traditionally trained Chef, I started in the dish room at an early age and from there, worked my way through a variety of kitchen brigade positions in the heart of house as well as gaining experience in front of house roles such as bartender and server. This well rounded experience eventually enabled me achieve the equivalent of a Hospitality Undergraduate Degree in the form of a Hotel & Resort Management Diploma.  

My hospitality management roles have ranged from the fast paced seasonality of a ski resort or a cruise line, through the challenge of industrial remote camps, to the variable daily responsibilities of being food & beverage manager or general manager at two different hotels.

With extensive experience in opening new food service locations as well as re-opening seasonal locations, I am currently studying towards my CAPM designation (Certified Associate of Project Management) and currently intend to challenge the exam in November 2019.

Information Technology / Process Documentation

A Certified Documentation Specialist with 5+ years of direct industry experience and 15+ years of relevant experience, I am experienced in the design and production of very effective end user facing manuals, process instructions, and related materials in print or online formats.

I possess a strong ability to concisely document products and processes through hands on familiarity or provided reference data. I am highly capable in the design and production of context sensitive F1 Help systems and visually appealing User facing manuals, instructions, and promotional materials, I have also worked on projects that required me to convert existing documentation to a standardized ISO compliant format.

Be it creating restaurant menus, generating workplace training or process manuals, or designing new /  updating existing operational paperwork, my ability to quickly assess a system or process then concisely document them is a combination of hard technical and soft communications / interpersonal skills that has proven to be a valuable asset to many of my previous employers.

Data Analytics / Inventory Management

As an Analyst I have worked closely with a wide range of commercial food and equipment brokers & vendors to research, source, and test new products as to their local market suitability then negotiated vendor rebate programs to ensure these products met or exceeded target margins.

Created new or updated existing product brochures and specification data sheets to provide sales teams with product information and application knowledge that ensured they had "the right products, at the right time, at the right price" to best serve their client's needs. This enabled sales to more readily acquire new business and / or increase market penetration for existing clients.

Standardized and generated heavy kitchen equipment proposals that included client needs assessments, researching suitable vendors / products, and production of visually appealing Tender Documents. I have managed the procurement of special order items, resolved equipment & smallwares delivery chain issues, routinely addressed vendor & client concerns in a timely, cost efficient manner, and coordinated the logistics of vendor product returns.

Images From Over The Years

Executive Chef / Assistant F & B Manager

Mount Seymour Resorts

2003 - 2005

Executive Chef / F & B Manager

Peace Valley Inns

2005 - 2007

Volunteering at The Mustard Seed

Drop In Center in Calgary

Representing Sysco at City of Calgary 

Conference on Reducing Disposable Food 

Container Waste via Using Compostables

Coffee Time at the Sysco Calgary Food Show

Showcasing New Beverages at a Trade Event 

Helping Hallmark Launch Their

Newest Line of Chicken Wings

Representing Sysco at

The Calgary Stampede

With Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi

at National Caesar Day Celebration

With Canadian Womens Bobsleigh 

Team Silver Medalist (Vancouver 2010) 

Helen Upperton at Sysco Food Show    

Murray on LinkedIn

Murray on LinkedIn

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Murray on YouTube

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